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The Marine Corps Family Support Community provides support for Marines, military family support, Veterans and the Wounded.  We are located in Columbus, Ohio.  We have sent over 10,000 care packages since 2007.


The Marine Corps Family Support Community has a very dedicated group of quilters who make patriotic quilts for the wounded at Balboa Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital and for Warrior Foundation Freedom Station residents.


Mission: Enduring Gratitude

Your tax-deductible donation to the Marine Corps Family Support Community helps us to maintain the projects and programs of the organization.  No member of this organization receives any monetary payment for their services and all donations go directly toward those programs.  Please note that the Marine Corps Family Support Community is not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps or any other government entity.

Providing a touch of Home to our U.S. Marines with our Care Packages; Military Family Support to the Columbus Ohio area and beyond; Our Veterans to feel part of something much bigger than themselves within a community that understands;  and our Wounded to know they are not forgotten...



Mission: Enduring Gratitude

Mission Enduring Gratitude was founded as part of a collaboration between the Marine Corps Family Support Community and the Warrior Foundation in San Diego, California.  Every year our fundraising efforts focus not only on care packages and quilting, but on providing assistance to those brave warriors that have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.