Mission:  Enduring Gratitude

Since 2007 the Marine Corps Family Support Community has partnered with the Warrior Foundation to provide quilts and other support to those who have suffered debilitating injuries while serving our country.  The warriors suffered traumatic brain injuries and/or amputations--injuries that take months and even years to heal or to make the transitional adjustments needed to be able to function.  

Even though the "wars" have ended, their battles continue--facing a future that has been forever changed.  The fundraising that our organization does not only goes toward sending care packages--we make handmade quilts (approximately 75 to 100 per year) which are then sent to Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA and are distributed during the holiday season.  In the past we have also supplied plush towels, socks, wheelchair gloves, pillows, money towards allowing the warriors to be able to travel home for the holidays, and a host of other items--this is our way of showing our gratitude to them for their sacrifice and service.